(Sanskrit: `sacrifice, offering`), in Hinduism, worship based on rites prescribed in the earliest scriptures of ancient India, the Vedas, in ... [1 related articles]
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In Hinduism, yajna (Sanskrit यज्ञ {IAST|:wikt:yajna}; also Anglicized as Yajna, Yadna) is a ritual of sacrifice (Monier-Williams gives the meanings "worship, prayer, praise; offering, oblation, sacrifice") derived from the practice of Vedic times. It is performed to please the gods or to attain certain wishes. An essential element is the..
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(Skr.) Sacrifice, a Vedic (q.v.) institution which became philosophically interpreted as the self-sacrifice of the Absolute One which, by an act of self-negation (nisedha-vyapara) became the Many. -- K.F.L.
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Hindu sacrificial rite
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