Urracá was an indigenous Guaymí chieftain or cacique who fought effectively against the Spanish conquistadors. Captured at one point by conquistadors, Urracá managed to escape a Spanish bound ship and rejoin his own people, and continue leading the fight against the Spanish until his death in 1531. His face can be found on the smallest-denomina
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queen of Leon and Castile from 1109 to 1126, daughter of Alfonso VI.[4 related articles]
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Urraca or Hurraca (also medieval Latin Urracha and Hurracka) is a feminine given name, the same as the Spanish word for magpie, derived perhaps from Latin furax, meaning "thievish", in reference to the magpie`s tendency to collect shiny items. The name may be of Basque origin, as suggested by onomastic analysis. ==Disambiguation== Urraca may al...
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Urraca (OOrä'kä) , d. 1126, Spanish queen of Castile and León (1109–26), daughter and successor of Alfonso VI. Her first husband, Raymond of Burgundy, died in 1107, and in 1109 she was married to Alfonso I of Aragón. Her reign was disturbed by strife among the powerful ...
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noisy South American bird
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