Troglobites are small cave-dwelling animals that have adapted to their dark surroundings. Troglobite species include spiders, insects, fish and others. They live permanently underground and cannot survive outside the cave environment. Troglobite adaptations and characteristics include a heightened sense of hearing, touch and smell. Loss of under-u
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troglobite A creature which lives entirely in the dark parts of caves. Such troglobitic creatures have become specifically adapted for life in total darkness and over time they have evolved to develop improved senses of smell, taste, and vibration detection; while losing anatomical features that are unnecessary without light; such as, eyes and pigm
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An (obligate) cavernicole unable to live outside the cave environment; usually defines an obligate species with troglomorphic adaptations. The term is usually restricted to terrestrial species, but sometimes aquatic obligates maybe referred to as aquatic troglobites.
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