puerperal mastitis

Type: Term Definitions: 1. mastitis, usually suppurative, occurring in the later part of the puerperium. Synonyms: lactational mastitis
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puerperal mastitis

Mastitis, usually suppurative, occurring in the later part of the puerperium. ... Synonym: lactational mastitis. ... (05 Mar 2000) ...
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puerperal mastitis

mastitis occurring after childbirth.
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Puerperal Mastitis

An acute condition in which one breast becomes tender, reddened, swollen, and hot. The inflammation is caused by a microorganism which gains entry through the cracks in the nipple. The individual will develop a fever and appear ill. This condition occurs as a complication of breastfeeding, usually affecting first time mothers. Synonym(s): Infecti..
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Puerperal mastitis

Puerperal mastitis is the inflammation of breast in connection with pregnancy, breastfeeding or weaning. It is caused by blocked milk ducts or milk excess and is relatively common; estimates range depending on methodology between 5–33%. However only about 0.4–0.5% of breastfeeding mothers develop an abscess. Some predisposing factors are known
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