ovarian fibroma

<radiology> Bilateral in 10%, malignant counterpart (fibrosarcoma) very rare, associated with Meigs syndrome ... (12 Dec 1998) ...
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Ovarian Fibroma

A hard, solid gray-white tumor that is usally associated with an accumulation of noninflammatory fluid around the lungs and in the abdominal cavity. The tumor is not cancerous and does not have the potential to become cancerous. Ovarian fibromas can become very large and may be removed via laparascopic measures.
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Ovarian fibroma

The ovarian fibroma, also fibroma, is a sex cord-stromal tumour. Most frequently, they occur during middle age, and rare in children. On gross pathology, they are firm and white or tan. On microscopic examination, there are intersecting bundles of spindle cells producing collagen. There may be thecomatous areas (fibrothecoma). The presence of an o
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