Jac'a·re` noun [ Portuguese jacaré ; of Brazilian origin.] (Zoology) A cayman. See Yacare .
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<zoology> A cayman. See Yacare. ... Origin: Pg. Jacare; of Brazilian origin. ... Source: Websters Dictionary ... (01 Mar 1998) ...
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• (n.) A cayman. See Yacare.
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(from the article `São Francisco River`) ...stretch the river receives its main left-bank tributaries—the Paracatu, Urucuia, Corrente, and Grande rivers—and its main right-bank ...
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[film] Jacaré (also called Jacaré, Killer of the Amazon) was a film made in 1942 of James Dannaldson’s expedition to the Amazon. Clyde E. Elliott, Charles E. Ford and James Dannaldson led the film crew, which shot some 260,000 feet of film on the lower reaches of the Amazon River in Spring 1942. To Elliott`s great relief, the film was n
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