heterotopic pregnancy

A pregnancy not in the uterine cavity. ... (05 Mar 2000) ...
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Heterotopic Pregnancy

A condition in which a multiple pregnancy will have one normal implantation in the uterus and one ectopic pregnancy. In couples that do not use any forms of assisted reproduction to conceive a child, the condition is a rare occurrence. However, the condition can occur in as many as 1 in 100 couples that use assisted reproduction techniques to c...
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heterotopic pregnancy

Type: Term Synonyms: ectopic pregnancy
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Heterotopic pregnancy

A heterotopic pregnancy is a rare complication of pregnancy in which both extra-uterine (ectopic pregnancy) and intrauterine gestation occur simultaneously. Synonyms: Combined ectopic pregnancy, simultaneous intra‑ and extrauterine pregnancy, coexistent intra- and extrauterine pregnancy, multiple‑sited pregnancy, coincident pregnancy, concomit
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