[chicken] The Crèvecœur is a rare breed of chicken originating in France. Named after the town of Crèvecœur in Normandy, it is one of the oldest French chicken breeds, and may be the progenitor of the La Flèche, Houdan, and Faverolles. They have uniformly black plumage, a V-shaped comb and large crests, similar in this last regard to t
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[disambiguation] ==Failed "good article" nomination== Upon its review on {subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME} {subst:CURRENTDAY}, {subst:CURRENTYEAR}, this good article nomination was quick-failed because it: The article specifically addresses a currently unfolding event with a definite endpoint ...
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[film] Crèvecoeur (also known as (Heartbreak Ridge) is a 1955 documentary film directed by Jacques Dupont. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. The plot revolves around French troops fighting under the United Nations Command in the Korean War. ...
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