September 23, 2014

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On September 23, 1846 student Johann Gottfried Galle, along with Urbain Le Verrier, discovered Neptune. Neptune is a gas giant, insofar as it is not a rocky, terrestrial planet. It is, however, different enough in make up from Saturn that it is in a sub classification known as an ice giant, along with Uranus. It has a core thought to be of molten rock that burns hotter than the surface of the sun, yet its surface temperature is very cold, due to its distance from the sun. As a gas planet there is little distinction between atmosphere and surface, and the bulk of Neptune’s composition is swirling hydrogen and helium gas, with plenty of methane as well. read more

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Stedman's medical dictionary67239
English vocabulary word directory48754
Dorland's Medical Dictionary39986
The History Channel - Encyclopedia29131
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MedTerms - Medical dictionary16379
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Pregnology - Pregnancy & Birth Encyclopedia7345
University of Glasgow - Dictionary of Cell Biology6927
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