September 15, 2014

This day in history:
On this day in 1960 London introduces Traffic Wardens onto the streets of the capital. The first person to receive a parking ticket from a traffic warden was Dr Thomas Creighton on 19th September 1960. He had parked his Ford Popular car outside a West End hotel to visit a patient suffering from a heart attack. However, such was the outcry in the press that the ticket was cancelled. read more

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Source/Encyclopedia# of Definitions
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Stedman's medical dictionary67239
English vocabulary word directory48754
Dorland's Medical Dictionary39986
The History Channel - Encyclopedia29131
MWB - Translation dictionary27429
Probert Places of the World23426
MedTerms - Medical dictionary16379
FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary14465
Probert People and Peoples Glossary11279
Darling - Encyclopedia of science10036
Acronyms and Initialisms for Health Information Resources9058
Pregnology - Pregnancy & Birth Encyclopedia7345
University of Glasgow - Dictionary of Cell Biology6927
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